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Below, you'll find my Swiss Army EA. I've designed it so that it can manage orders in your MT4 terminal using a large variety of methods. Features includes breakevens, trailing stops, setting/removing for takeprofits and stoplosses, and many close-out conditions; you also have ability to tell the EA which orders it can manage. This EA is an attempt to do away with little scripts for deleting orders and whatnot and just put ALL that crap in one nice package. I figure this EA should be useful for manual traders, and may also to augment EAs that are skimpy on their features, although I cannot guarantee that it will be fully compatible with all EAs.
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Here you can download MT4 expert advisors which can be used with the MetaTrader Forex trading platform to enhance your currency trading results combining it with the automated trading or expert advising.
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Counselor works the same way with any start-up deposit, capable of one position for Lotto 0.1 GBPUSD.
The platform - MetaTrader 4.

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Who has told, what Graal CANNOT be MADE PROFITABLE? - one of authors of clause about Graal. I shall tell to you the return. Lucky is too Graal, but having worked above it of considerable 3 months it began to make a profit without an involvement interbar trade. Want proofs - look reports from a demo and real.
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