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Forex Auto Pilot

Currency and TimeFrame
ForexAutoPilot advisor is optimized and can work only on
EUR/USD pair on 1M (1 minute) timeframe.
Parameters and Preset
You can use default parameters from Preset eurusd_m1.set
Note: For brokers with 5 digit price quotes
Some brokers have 5 digit price quotes (for example 1.12340) If your
broker uses 5-digit price quotes (like Forexte broker) then use takeprofit=200, Trailing stop = 500
and Slipage = 30. If your broker uses 4-digit price quotes (like Alpari and InterbankFx) then use
default settings.
If you are using small deposit under 2,000 usd then set the Lots =
If you have large deposit over 10K then set the Lots = 1
LotsRiskReductor – Defines the risk
To let program use AutoLot management (it means that IE decides the lot size itself) the variable Lots should be set to zero. So LotsRiskReductor
will define the risk size. LotsRiskReductor can be from 1 to 10. 1 means 100% of risk of deposit. 10 means 10% risk.
MaxOrders – maximum number of open trades at the same time
MaxLots – maximum lots
aaa and bbb are internal variables, do not change them
TakeProfit and StopLoss – profit and loss limits
TrailingStop – trailing stop feature
SpanGator – same as trailing stop
SlipPage – slipperage of orders
TrendNonFlat – defines the flat market
SafetyGapDemarker and SafetyGapWPR defines Demarker and
WPR internal indicator parameters
BackTest on History
Great results in 2007-2008: 700% of profit in 1 year! Made
74,035 from 10,000 usd!
(3.96 Mb)
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