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DLMv1.1 Expert Advisors
The parameters for the expert

TakeProfit = 40; // Profit Goal for orders opened

Lots = 0.01; // We start with this lots number, 0.01 for micro accounts and 0.1 for mini and normal accounts

StopLoss = 0; // StopLoss

TrailingStop = 20;// Pips to trail the StopLoss

MaxTrades=10 // Maximum number of orders to open (0.1, 0.2, 0.4, 0.8, 1.6, 3.2, 6.4, 12.8, 25.6, 51.2)

Pips=15 // Distance in Pips from one order to another

SecureProfit=10 // If profit made is bigger than SecureProfit we close the orders

// If one the account protection will be enabled, 0 is disabled. This feature does not work as i wanted.

// if one will check profit from all symbols, if cero only this symbol

OrderstoProtect=3 // Number of orders to enable the account protection

// if one the desition to go long/short will be reversed

StartYear=2005 // Year to start (only for backtest)

// month to start (only for backtest)

EndYear=2006 // Year to stop trading (backtest and live)

EndMonth=12 // Month to stop trading (backtest and live)

mm=0 // if one the lots size will increase based on account size

// risk to calculate the lots size (only if mm is enabled)

// Cero if account is mini/micro

// Magic number for the orders placed

Manual=0 // If set to one then it will not open trades automatically

OpenOrdersBasedOn=2 // Method to decide if we start long or short. Te actual values for this parameter are:
1. Pivot price level
2. Support/Resistance levels (best results on all symbols)

// Time zone to calculate the pivots (not all the methods uses it)
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